Last updated: February 13, 2021

The Inaugural Post

Welcome to this blog, where Kent’s unarchivable thoughts reside.

I’ve been experimenting different blogging platforms since I was 12 (I am 27 at the time of writing), and none of them sticks. We’ll see if this one will eventually work. In my own diagnosis, I wasn’t happy with my blogging systems in the past because:

  • If it’s convenient to blog, it’s hard to customize and maintain. Both WordPress and Gatsby require constant hacking. And I hate having to deal with any sort of database server.

  • If it’s easy to customize and maintain, the writing process tends to be overly complex. The problem with my last blog, essentially a React app, is I had to take care of the server side stuff (Next.js), so writing a post would involve working first on my laptop, then on the server, and then build and restart, the thing. I feel dizzy just trying to describe the process.

What’s different this time

  • This blog is powered by the ablog plugin for Sphinx—i.e., it’s a static site generator. HTML slaps!

  • I forked ablog and basically managed to implement everything I want for now. The environment is super portable, so is its build. I’m hosting the site on Github.

  • I now write in reStructuredText—way more robust than Markdown.

Stay tuned!